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    Microsoft sql server backup to microsoft windows azure tool

    Let’s start this article by the end and summarize it in only two words: At last !
    Indeed, Microsoft has finally developed a tool which permits to compress and encrypt backups on every mssql engines and icing on the cake, it is delivered for free…
    Here is the official description o […]

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    create a dedicated listener for your databases on ODA

    OK, you have already noticed that the ODA offers a default LISTENER lying on the SCAN address. This is really useful in most cases but when you run single instances without any HA mechanisms and that you want to be able to get a named listener per db, it’s another story.
    Here is therefore a si […]

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    asr : unable to contact service tags on asset xxxx

    Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR) is a nice secure support feature that automatically generates a service request for specific hardware faults. Oracle ASR can improve system availability through expedited diagnostics and priority service request handling.
    Unfortunately, to make it work corre […]

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    prcr-1079 : failed to start resource ora.xxxx.db due to spfile corruption

    After having changed few parameters related to the instance memory – on a standalone db managed by the Oracle clusterware – I decided to restart it to apply the modifications.
    Unfortunatly, that was a very bad idea because, when trying to restart it, an error raised up !

    [oracle@oda01: […]

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    Oracle Database Appliance, is it worth it ?

    With a such title, I’m pretty sure to stir up passions 😀
    Nevertheless, it’s finally a reasonable question regarding the price of the beast…
    Every companies try now to maximize their ROI and buying an appliance, which base price is $60,000, deserves to think about it (it’s […]

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    first post

    Here is my first post on this blog.
    Its purpose is to share a bit of my experiences with Oracle and MSSQL databases.
    Hope you’ll find interesting things 🙂
    By the way, I take advantage of this first post to talk about http://www.designmantic.com
    Designing a logo has never been easier […]